August 27, 2007


august 27 - 1

Yesterday, Lara loved apples. "Appah! Appah! Appah! Mah! Mah!" she yelled running around her room with this red Gala. If either of us approached she would run away to a corner of the room, huddling with her apple, and repeating, "Keepit. Keepit" - as in, "I want to keep it, don't take it away from me!" After eating almost two cut up apples and having watched Misha slicing them for her, she picked up a tennis ball and my car keys and proceeded to run the key edge along the tennis ball and yell "Sice! Sice! Appah! Eat!"

You should have seen the look I got today when I offered Lara an apple piece. "You? You expect me to eat that? Good god, what is that thing?" her eyes asked accusingly. We have entered a whimsical age, and we have discovered the vagaries of mood and opinion.

August 21, 2007

Fashion Show Tuesday

Some great finds from Target. How Anthropologie is that little jacket?

august 21 - 1

august 21 - 2

Sadly I didn't get to document the real fun of the day - succumbing to the general stir-craziness of three days of rain-induced house arrest, Lara and I went outside to play in the rain. She was running around Penn's campus, jumping into puddles, and yelling "'Ain! 'Ain! 'Ain!" She was wearing her supercute new red jacket (thanks, Aunt Tanya!) and at one point when the rain started being more than just a drizzle I put on her hood. She promptly screamed, ripped it off, and ran away for more "ain" on her face. Best girl ever.

August 19, 2007

Little Pink Dress

Made of way too small clothing whose patterns I still love.

Pink and white 3-tier dress (1)

I tried to get Lara to pose, but the best I could do is a few nature vive shots of her eating cheese. C'est la vie avec les enfants! (Incidentally, we think she might be growing up to be a fromagier. Seriously, this may well be the only child for whom Artisanal would be a delightful treat.)

Pink and white 3-tier dress (2)

Pink and white 3-tier dress (3)

August 18, 2007


My mommy is gone... :(

It was so so wonderful to have her here for the last three weeks.

august 18 - 2

Among the many delights of having her here, is the fact that she is the first person to take some nice pictures of the three of us. Seriously, this is the pretty much the first set where we are all three present, and where none of us is making a ghoulish face or screaming to get away (ahem. I won't name names.)

august 18 - 3

Lara isn't quite sure why she is suddenly not here. She wanders from room to room saying "Eena? Eena?" (her version of "Marina"), and this morning when I called her to go for a walk she staunchly refused, demanding Eena instead. I even stooped so low as to play on her fears and actually opened the door of the apartment to pretend to leave. Lara looked up at me with a totally calm face and evenly said, "Bye bye." I can't believe I can no longer out-manipulate my child! What kind of a mother am I? Hee. We ended up buying some flowers at the farmers' market to cheer ourselves up. Lara helped by picking out "penk" and "yed" ones.

august 18 - 1

August 17, 2007

Lara Cooks!

Enough about me making things - time to pass the torch.

More from our blogging break

Here is Lara in the kitchen, actually cooperating with the video camera. It's actually become fairly hard to take videos or still pictures of her because all she wants to do is look at herself on the digital viewscreen, and runs over to any camera that anyone pulls out instead of continuing to pose. You should see this girl's reaction to any image of herself. Today we walked into a CVS that had a video surveilance camera set up with a TV screen that showed everyone coming into the store. Lara was staring at herself nonstop until we left - not moving, just staring up at a video of herself standing still and staring. I love it.

August 13, 2007

Photos from our (blogging) break

Sorry it's been so long since the last post! Here's what we've been up to.

Hanging out with my mom:

Just being endlessly cute:

Visiting our family in Boston (and playing Janna's piano):

Visiting Misha's family in New York:

And playing in lovely Central Park: