August 21, 2007

Fashion Show Tuesday

Some great finds from Target. How Anthropologie is that little jacket?

august 21 - 1

august 21 - 2

Sadly I didn't get to document the real fun of the day - succumbing to the general stir-craziness of three days of rain-induced house arrest, Lara and I went outside to play in the rain. She was running around Penn's campus, jumping into puddles, and yelling "'Ain! 'Ain! 'Ain!" She was wearing her supercute new red jacket (thanks, Aunt Tanya!) and at one point when the rain started being more than just a drizzle I put on her hood. She promptly screamed, ripped it off, and ran away for more "ain" on her face. Best girl ever.

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MWG said...

Lara (and the clothes, of course) are the cutest ever! The little jacket does look very hip and grungy (not sure if this is the right spelling). Now WE need to see how Lara looks in her new red rain-coat.