August 19, 2007

Little Pink Dress

Made of way too small clothing whose patterns I still love.

Pink and white 3-tier dress (1)

I tried to get Lara to pose, but the best I could do is a few nature vive shots of her eating cheese. C'est la vie avec les enfants! (Incidentally, we think she might be growing up to be a fromagier. Seriously, this may well be the only child for whom Artisanal would be a delightful treat.)

Pink and white 3-tier dress (2)

Pink and white 3-tier dress (3)

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ANI said...

Ahh, but a future fashion model CAN be a fromagier[re], n'est pas?

The pink dress reminds me of outfits my Grandmother used to make when I was little, and everything was recycled. I hope I will have enough motivation to remake my child's clothes (in some distant future...)

Thank you for visiting my blog.

The chocolate biting thing - so funny - there are these Russian bon bons called Ptichye Moloko - it's a soft meringue covered in chocolate in little bricks, 1" long or so - I have to bite off all the chocolate from the short sides, then the long ones, then eat the center. To this day. Drives my mother crazy.