August 18, 2007


My mommy is gone... :(

It was so so wonderful to have her here for the last three weeks.

august 18 - 2

Among the many delights of having her here, is the fact that she is the first person to take some nice pictures of the three of us. Seriously, this is the pretty much the first set where we are all three present, and where none of us is making a ghoulish face or screaming to get away (ahem. I won't name names.)

august 18 - 3

Lara isn't quite sure why she is suddenly not here. She wanders from room to room saying "Eena? Eena?" (her version of "Marina"), and this morning when I called her to go for a walk she staunchly refused, demanding Eena instead. I even stooped so low as to play on her fears and actually opened the door of the apartment to pretend to leave. Lara looked up at me with a totally calm face and evenly said, "Bye bye." I can't believe I can no longer out-manipulate my child! What kind of a mother am I? Hee. We ended up buying some flowers at the farmers' market to cheer ourselves up. Lara helped by picking out "penk" and "yed" ones.

august 18 - 1

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MWG said...

These are the sweetest words and the nicest pictures I have heard and seen recently. Thank you!!!