August 27, 2007


august 27 - 1

Yesterday, Lara loved apples. "Appah! Appah! Appah! Mah! Mah!" she yelled running around her room with this red Gala. If either of us approached she would run away to a corner of the room, huddling with her apple, and repeating, "Keepit. Keepit" - as in, "I want to keep it, don't take it away from me!" After eating almost two cut up apples and having watched Misha slicing them for her, she picked up a tennis ball and my car keys and proceeded to run the key edge along the tennis ball and yell "Sice! Sice! Appah! Eat!"

You should have seen the look I got today when I offered Lara an apple piece. "You? You expect me to eat that? Good god, what is that thing?" her eyes asked accusingly. We have entered a whimsical age, and we have discovered the vagaries of mood and opinion.


Linda said...

Yet another beautiful photo (is it the photographer or the photogenic model?)

mwg said...

What a great little vignette, not mentioning the heroine of the story!