December 29, 2015

Hello from Halloween!

How did we four hardcore make-your-own-costume devotees celebrate Halloween this past year? Why by dressing up as this incredibly thematically connected foursome: Abe Lincoln, Leonardo Da Vinci, a ninja, and a mummy. What do you mean, you don't get how they all go together?! Ok, fine, yeah, me neither. One of these years, I will finally force my family to live out my fantasy of coordinating costumes - but this was not that year.

This take on Leo is basically this costume, but recombobulated for size. Nothing says "we are actually a community theater prop department" like already having a 15th century cap and cape ready to go when your 6 year-old suddenly announces that this year it's a Renaissance master or bust.

The ninja is all new. The main piece of awesomeness in this costume are the nunchucks, which are made from a pretty sturdy dowel, some leather wraps for the grip, and a piece of chain. Those things are seriously for real, and could probably take out an enemy. Luckily, our ninja is mostly peace-loving and not particularly keen on doing much besides posing. I made the wrap-style top in the simplest way possible, by sewing together this:

President Lincoln is easy - it's just a beard made of a few cardboard cutouts on a stick, and a cardboard top hat. The mummy was made by a crazy person who sewed a bunch of bandage strips to a sweatshirt for hours on end, and helped by black paper bugs of all shapes and sizes.

Why Abe Lincoln, you ask? Well, originally, Mr. and Mrs. Forty-Two Roads were going to go as Abraham and Babe-raham Lincoln, but someone chickened out of the whole thing and decided to go as the undead instead. I guess we could have piggybacked onto the genre-mashing books and decided to be "Abraham Lincoln: Mummy Hunter."

On our cruising for sweet treats, we learned that ninjas are agile enough not to need their hands:

and that Leonardo was best friends with a Minecraft Creeper:

By the way, have you ever wondered what Honest Abe would look like with a handlebar mustache? Wonder no more:

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