October 30, 2013

Leo and Mona

Move over, Dan Brown, because we're about to plunder your anachronistic Leonardo da Vinci well for our costume needs!

I made pretty much all of Mr. Forty-Two Roads's getup, with some awesome assists from tutorials on how to make Renaissance flat caps, men's gowns, and a general sense of what some 19th century dude thought Leo might have worn. (And you know how much they loved authenticity in the 19th century. I mean, these were the people who re-staged all the Shakespeare tragedies to have happy endings!) How fun is that brocade cape? Love it.

For myself, I made everything except the wig (natch) and the black dress, which was actually my senior prom dress! Whooo! San Dimas High School Football rules! My general sense of right and wrong for this one came from this wonderful blog post from an actual costume designer, which is where I got the idea to make one of those wire hair caps that was all the rage back in the day apparently. Mr. Forty-Two Roads drew the insanely symmetrical curly-cues on the frame, eyeballing it entirely, because drawing things perfectly without sketching from memory is his X-man power.

... and here we are striking a pose. How's my enigmatic half-smile coming along?

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