April 24, 2008

Fashion Show Thursday

Some new duds for Lara from MiniBoden. Now I don't work for them or anything, but I really have to say that their kids clothes are totally phenomenal. Excellent quality, actually designed with children in mind (i.e. no tarty street-walker getups for the prepubescent set. Ahem, are you listening, Bloomingdale's?). Anyhoo, Lara has the best grandmoms ever. Here is a sampling of the summer goodies...

Super-cool applique pants from Marina (thanks, Mommy!):

Mom, did you know that they are crazily adjustable? She's going to wearing these babies till college!

Perfect polka dot dress from Nancy (thanks, Mommy-in-law!):

And I couldn't resist showing you my cute outfit today. This shirt with this skirt.

Could I be any more awkward trying to photograph myself? I have no idea what to do with my hands/head/eyes/etc. when taking my own picture. I think Tyra would probably yell at me.

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mwg said...

You girls look super cute and so do the clothes!