April 23, 2008

More Stencilies

Kari's son with an umbrella. These umbrella ones come out great!

Oils - Kari's son

I do have to say that in real life the green is quite a bit more muted... couldn't make the camera cooperate. Speaking of which, does anyone out there by any chance happen to know how artists make prints out of their original paintings? Is that something a print shop can do - including taking the initial photo of the original painting?

In any case, Christina's baby girl. Those tiny fists crack me up.

Oils - Christina's daughter


Roberta said...

I really admire your artwork, these paintings are fabulous!

mwg said...

Great work and cutest models - always a great combination. :)
The wonderful purple/lavender background on Christina's picture seems to be new - it looks wonderful. The collection now looks like a real gallery - makes for a very enjoyable visit!