April 26, 2008

Sam and Inna and Mikey and Benji

A chilly but delightful morning with Sam and Inna and their Mikey and Benji. I think Lara got a kick out of being the older one who can do things they can't. Here, she demonstrates "throwing the ball" by holding on to the ball, running with it, and then just handing it to whomever asked her to throw. We're still working out the whole "playing catch" concept. Mostly she seems to think that throwing is an inefficient way of doing a hand-off. And let's face it - the way she throws? It is.

These two are total cuties.

This picture is completely emblematic of our morning. Mikey was instantly smitten with Lara and spent our visit crawling around after her and doing his best to communicate. Lara patiently tolerated his affections. At one point, we heard cries of distress from the playroom, and Misha discovered Mikey attempting to pull himself up by holding onto Lara's hair, while totally confused, she was leaning backwards and yelling for help.

Chicks, man. Maybe pummeling them with toys is the answer.

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