February 1, 2008

Yay Day

Oh, the best day ever yesterday! Went to Brooklyn to visit Flora and her beautiful kidlet Juliet. How cute is this girl?

Lara in Flora's great-grandmother's baby chair. How sweet is that? Such a lovely heirloom. Speaking of, I wish I had taken better pictures of Flora and Robert's house. It is pretty much a page out of House & Garden, just unbelievably beautiful and so tastefully restored to its true potential. Robert, you're a genius - I am still in awe and cannot stop talking about the amazingness.

Ok, this next shot is hilarious - you know why? This is the only time I could get them in one frame on the playground. Constantly running in different directions, Lara to the beloved swings, Juliet to the derring-do of the big jungle gym. That pretty much defines their personalities, too - Lara all "push me, I just want to sit here and have things happen!" and Juliet more "I'm totally going over there to the danger zone to pull off some crazy stunt!"

Juliet's photo pose. Both of them have recently started to pose for the camera, usually with a cocked head or some sort of serious (seriously cute!) face. Love it.


Riana Lagarde said...

adorableness to the max. they are so cute together, well apart.

Hollie said...

I love your site and your work. amazing creativity. your really a great artist. i'd love to see lara's room. i bet it's so cute. also, keep the ideas coming! i'm just getting into sewing myself and just absolutely LOVE your ideas. i want to make a close your clothes book so badly. how did you bind them all together? do you have instructions I could purchase? also, my 14 month daughter Laney and i are going to a birthday party for a 3 year old this weekend. have any good ideas as far as making anything for a 3 year old girl? I'd love ideas or if you're into making some money, i'll buy something from you and pay to have it shipped priority. Just let me know. my email is: hughandhollie@gmail.com

Oh and Lara is a cute name. Do you pronounce it like Laura but the spelling is different?