February 5, 2008

Fashion Show Tuesday

I might have a secret dream about the way Lara would always be dressed. You wouldn't know it from the mostly comfy boy's-department things she usually has on, but in my secret dream she is wearing clothes in a style that is hard to describe exactly - a cross between bohemian, Anthropologie, cool hippie, and handmade. Stylish, yet not quite mainstream clothes; colors mixed wildly, but with a sense of vision; seemingly haphazzard layers mixed to perfection. This is a secret dream that is hard to achieve - certainly not in the winter, certainly not on a budget, certainly not if I don't want to dictate my tastes to my daughter. But still, on a 60 degree February day, small dreams come true... How cute is she in these little clothes? I kind of want all of them in a big size for myself. Because of course in my very secret dream, it is I who get to dress like this every day.

1 comment:

mwg said...

You are right - this IS the most adorable outfit and Lara looks precious in it.