January 30, 2008

Something for me

I actually made something for myself! It's not as fun as making for Lara.

I took this huge red tee that Misha didn't want any more (made out of super-soft jersey!):

Red long sleeve tee recon (before)

And pinned and sewed my way to (just the red part - I'm wearing it over a black shirt):

Red long sleeve tee recon 2

What do you think? I'm kind of really into it. It looks better in person than I could capture on camera. It's got kind of a Anthropologie sale rack feel to it. I might add some beads or something else to pile on the details. Here are some closeups:

The waist:

Red long sleeve tee recon 4

The top:

Red long sleeve tee recon 3

In the making of this I realized two things:

1. Sleeves are hard. That's why this has none.

2. I really could benefit from one of those duct tape dressmaker's forms, since it would mean not having to constantly keep putting on and taking off a shirt covered with pins. Plus of course, I could actually pin fabric without having to do it on myself backwards in the mirror.