June 29, 2007

Drawing Portfolio

This is going to be a present for someone in the near future - a take-along drawing case with some colored pencils and a sketch pad that fastens with snaps at the corners. The outside fabric is from baby gifts Lara never actually wore.

Drawing folder with pencils and paper (outside)

The inside is yet another swath of those wonderful knockabout pants that have been remade into so many projects already.

Drawing case with pencils and paper (inside)

The covers are padded with felt to make them a little stiffer. I guess normally one would use interfacing for this purpose, but since one of my crafting tenets has been "no new materials," I made do with what I had around the house. Worked out nicely, if I do say so myself.

Speaking of no new materials - I am very excited that almost immediately after joining Freecycle, I will be the proud receiver of some unused fabric that a nearby woman does not want. I have no idea what it looks like; her post just said that she had a variety of things. I'm really sort of unreasonably excited about it, I have to say - I mean, for all I know it's going to be hideous. But honestly, it's like a birthday present in the middle of year for some reason. I'm a silly person. Anyway, I'm picking it up tomorrow - I wonder what I will get!


MWG said...

It looks very pretty - definitely a lovely gift for an artist! I also checked out all the links - I do not think you used links before (you know how all tech things fascinate me, even if I know now how to insert them!) I wonder who the lucky artist is....? :)

Missy said...

That is great! I love how it snaps closed. very creative and colorful.


joriel said...

i love it. great idea!

so, is the freecycle fabric nice?