June 30, 2007

More fun at the carousel

Right next to the carousel is a playground with Lara's favorite seesaw. Quick question - what exactly happened to the old-school seesaws we all grew up with and loved? The ones that you could use to smash the entire spinal colummn of your fellow seesawer by kicking off the ground with your feet really fast? I feel like my youth is betrayed by the new safe (read: lame) seesaws that no longer pose any kind of threat to life and limb. Anyway, Lara loves this one:

june 30 - 2

Also, Lara loves to snack. She used to like to have both hands full of food and then to ask for us to put more right in her mouth - you know, so that she would always have a reserve in case the snack situation took a downturn. We were trying to combat this by saying, "eat what's in your hand first, then you'll get more" but in response to that Lara started just cramming everything in her tiny fists into her mouth at once and yelling "mah! mah" (more!) at us through her mouth full of food. Now we started to just give her the whole bag.

june 30 - 1

You might not be able to tell from this little face, but Lara has become quite the tiny tyrant around here. For a while she took to imperiously pointing with her finger at a chair and yelling "mama! mama!" insistently until mama came and sat in her appointed place. This was actually pretty amusing, but I'm afraid that our reaction has only made her napoleonic tendencies more prominent. Yesterday, Misha was playing with her in her room, and I came in to hang out with them also. Lara proceeded to bodily push me out of the room all the way through the door while saying "no no no no," then laughed, turned around and ran back to daddy. Today, she climbed up on our bed and when Misha lay down next to her, she pushed him off, pointing to the floor and saying "dada! dah'n!"

I guess it's true what they say about absolute power...

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mwg said...

And what happens when she runs out of snacks?... :)