June 26, 2007

More culinary adventures

The farmers' markets are amazing here over the summer - just the most gorgeous fruits, vegetables, flowers, breads, cheeses; we've even found someone who brings handmade fudge that is irresistible (literally - we've so far been unable to resist each time we've seen her). We've basically stopped shopping even at Trader Joe's, since this stuff is not just organic but also local, not to mention super-delicious. Anyway, last Saturday I saw one of the stands had sour cherries! I haven't seen sour cherries for about twenty years now. It's one of those redolent tastes of childhood that I still remember, but have so far not been able to replicate. Why don't they sell sour cherries in stores in this country? Anyway, I bought two pounds and made preserves.

Don't you love that color? Here they are after being pitted.

Pitted sour cherries about to made into preserves

And here is the delicious preserve served over chocolate ice cream.

Sour cherry preserves over chocolate ice cream

Nothing could be simpler:

Two pounds of pitted sour cherries in pot
Cover with water
Stir sugar in slowly, to taste but at least 1/2 cup (we're a sweet tooth household so I added a whole cup... hmm... perhaps I've said too much)
Boil some more
Add 1-2 teaspoons lemon zest
Boil, boil, boil (probably a total of 45 minutes of boiling, stirring occasionally)
Chill and serve

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MWG said...

Ya-a-a-a--a-ammy! Question: did you have a chance to ask the people, who were selling the cherries, where they grow them. I want a taste of that desert...