January 10, 2007

Summer in January

My excitement at having cutely altered a piece of otherwise useless clothing is only marginally tempered by the fact that what I've made is intensely unseasonable. Because: summer=yay! While: winter=boo. With that in mind, I give you my old too-short shorts (seriously, I can't believe I ever wore these. Ah, the carefree leg exposure of college!) now made into a reasonably short frilly skirt. The ruffle is made out of some pinstripe fabric from a pair of pants sent to Misha by his grandmother who described them as "knockabout trousers." Neither of us are quite sure what knockabout trousers are, but now I can safely say that they have been knocked about into becoming parts of an apron, and part of this skirt. And there's plenty more knocking about where that came from!

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