June 21, 2010

Handmade Wedding

Craft is doing a lovely feature on handmade weddings this month, and it made me want to look through our own wedding photos...

We did everything ourselves except the dress, food, and music, and it's incredibly fun to have the memories not just of the day but also of the many months of planning and making that went into it.

The invitations:

Wedding - invitations

Ask Misha sometime about walking five huge birch branches in a little rolling cart for 60 blocks! But it was all worth it to create this huppah:

Wedding - Huppah & Danglies

The huppah was not free-standing, and was held aloft by our groomsmen during the ceremony - according to the ancient custom which symbolizes the support that the newly created home will need from friends and family. Isn't that a lovely bit of tradition?

I cut circles forever to make those dangling things hanging from the ceiling. An all-white backdrop works really well for eye-popping colors, I must say.

The favors were tiny flipbooks of us dancing:

Wedding - favors

We got three different ones from the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, made a bazillion copies of them, had them cut, and then put them all together by hand.

Some more details: programs, closeup of birch huppah poles, and tabletop centerpieces (dyed twisted willow branches):

Wedding - programs & tabletop

That night was the most fun I've ever had in my life. And also, it was the best I've ever looked (or will ever look!) - which, if it had to happen at any particular time was lucky to happen on my wedding day!


Anna said...

Ha! Good question, Jay. No, I don't actually use Misha's name - that envelope was the example invitation, so I just used a combined name to show how we addressed them.

Lilly Higgins said...

I love the idea of a flip book! The huppah worked perfectly. It looks like a beautiful day and your dress is *gorgeous*!

Firenze said...

What a wonderful time it must have been creating and making all these special gifts for yourself and your guests. The flipbook seems impossibly wonderful! And your dress - gosh it looks gorgeous. TFS!
Helen -- Firenze Cards