November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Decorations

Over the weekend we put up a new display to mark the next holiday.

In school, Lara made these amazing owls and turkeys, and we walked around all weekend collecting good, straight sticks to make frames for them:

Thanksgiving 09 - birds in stick frames

The frames are just tied at the joints with baker's twine. Some of the stick leftovers and a few really bright leaves Lara picked up were wrapped around the vase (and we still need to find something fall-ish to put in it). Here is a vase close-up:

Thanksgiving 09 - vase

I love that this display is not really Thanksgiving-specific, but more just about the season. It can thus stay up until we get our Hanukkah stuff together for next month. Also I love how invested Lara gets in these things now - it's definitely a collaborative project, even if I supply many of the ideas. See, indoctrination does work!


mwg said...

I thought that the decoration, the pictures, and the frames are not just festive and pretty, they are also very clever... Great stuff!

Amanda said...

These are absolutely adorable! So cute!

The Magic Onions said...

I LOVE these... I'm hoping you'll share this idea on Friday's Nature Table on my blog today... pop on over to post the link.
Blessings and magic.

Tia said...

Oh how simply beautiful , love it :)