June 4, 2009

Fitted Sheet/Changing Pad Cover Tutorial

I got a couple of questions asking how I made the fitted sheet and the cover for the changing pad, so I thought I'd draw up a quick tutorial. The process is the same in both cases, and really takes no time at all.

Step 1.
Measure the height of the mattress/changing pad. Now add 4 to this number. This will be value X. Use this value to measure and cut out squares from the corners of your fabric, like so:

Step 2.
Sew together the cut edges, a to a, b to b, c to c, and d to d. You will end up with basically a fabric box that should fit snugly over your chosen mattress or pad.

Step 3.
Fold down the top edge of the fabric "box" about 1" to create a casing channel for your elastic. Pin in place, and sew the casing down. Remember to leave an inch or so unsewn so you can thread the elastic into the casing. I used 1/2" elastic, but I don't think it really matters very much. My method of threading elastic is the traditional one - attach a safety pin to one end and then scootch the safety pin through the fabric to pull the elastic through. Sew elastic ends together, and you're done! (In the image below, the red rectangle is the casing/elastic.

Let me know if some part of this doesn't make sense!

And also, to answer another question that I didn't get a chance to answer directly - yes, Jake's swing is from Dwell (from the collection they made for Target, which is totally adorable).


Larissa Wardrip said...

How wide and long do I make the cover? I figures just measure my pad but doesn't it need to go under the pad a little but so it will stay on? How many inches should I add, including the seam allowance?

Anna said...

Larissa - thanks for pointing that out! I've fixed the problem now in the actual post.

Kelly said...

What are the measurements of the fabric to begin with (before cutting the squares from the corners)?

Blasphemous Homemaker said...

Thank you for posting this!