December 2, 2007


Some monster pancakes this morning in honor of Lara's favorite movie. She'd already dismembered one by the time I got the camera out.

december 2 - 1

Lara loves cooking the pancakes, not just eating them. She can recite the list of ingredients right down to the "baka powda" and mixes the batter. I listen to her and her daddy in the kitchen and smile.

Other cooking happens as well. Check out that monster omelet!

december 2 - 3

december 2 - 2

I keep forgetting to mention the hilarious syntax Lara has now adopted - narrating "Mommy says" or "Dada says" or "Wawee says" after speaking ("Want to watch monster movie Wawee says!"). I assume it's from all the books. This might be reading too deeply into it, but I do love that she associates most closely with the omniscient narrator rather than the characters in her stories.

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Anonymous said...

These are so fun (the stories, the pictures and, of course, the pancakes).