November 25, 2007

Hanukkah Crafting

It's an early Hanukkah year this year, so I realized I'd better get moving! We're not in love with our menorah, so I though I'd try something a little different. Inspired by the resourceful people at the IKEA Hacker blog, I too went to the blue and yellow store to see what I could find.

Thus: I took a square nine-slot candle holder (Hallare) and hammered some tacks into the center of each tin cup to hold the skinny candles (it works well to hold the thumbtack with pliers while hammering to avoid finger smashing):

Menorah Hack - step 1

Menorah Hack - step 2

Then I added some white rocks (Florera) for stability - et voila, all ready for the first night:

Menorah Hack - step 3


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. You should submit it to

Anonymous said...

I saw this on ikea hacker. It's a great idea - only it's not kosher. You need to make the shamash higher than the other 8 candles. Sorry, it's the former Hebrew school teacher in me - otherwise it's a great idea.

Anna said...

Thanks! Yeah, I actually know that that's true (and would be easy to do with this hack with just putting a few cardboard circles under the center tin cup to raise the middle candle... Still, when we were looking around at other modern-looking menorahs, we saw that many no longer do a raised shamash. I decided our secular Hanukkah can get away with it also :)

Anonymous said...

Secular or not...:(

Anonymous said...

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