October 26, 2014

Jack Pumpkinhead

Yesterday was a glorious day - one of those breezy, sunny fall days when the sun is still warm enough to satisfyingly heat up the back of your jacket and pants if you stand in one spot long enough.

We made the best of it by going pumpkin picking at Terhune Orchards, which I love for its just-right level of crowdedness. Not so empty that you feel like you're bothering actual working farmers, but not so mobbed that it is basically an outdoor supermarket. Sure, they throw in things like a giant corn maze -

But while you're making your way through, they also ask you to collect the ears of corn for animal feed.

I suspect that the pumpkin patch is really more of a pumpkin drop-off area, since there are not too many actual vines there, but there is nothing like the feeling of lugging a bunch of those bad boys around purposefully on a wagon.

So what did we make out of these?

This morning, we took turns designing, cutting, carving, and shaping, to end up with a motley crew of monsters and victims. Strong plug here for linoleum carving tools for edging the finicky details! Check out the sunlight coming through that chomping one in the back! I don't think the puny light that lights them up at night is going to be nearly as awesome.

Can you guess which one is Jake's and which is Lara's? It's very hard to figure it out...

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Anonymous said...

2 updates:
--Hat-tip to Pinterest for the pumpkin carving ideas and some tips
--Squirrels have already eaten half the faces off of all the pumpkins... anyone with any ideas for how to prevent squirrel-on-pumpkin assaults?