October 28, 2014

Art Class

For the past few months, I've been taking a figure drawing and painting class at PAFA on Tuesday mornings*. It has been so, so, SO wonderful to pick up charcoal and paintbrushes again! The class is taught by Doug Martenson, whose approach is so relaxed and helpful and kindly insightful, that the studio is a total joy. Also a joy? The fact that we are getting all Degas up in there, complete with a trip to the ballet studio and a couple of modeling sessions with one of the ballerinas. I've been loving every second of it.

Black and white charcoal on toned paper:



(finished work)

So far so good, I think, although I clearly need to fit the figure better to the surface... Next time.

* Can I just say that it is wonderful that someone offers continuing ed classes during the day? It would basically be impossible for me to take a evening class. And there are at least two other freelancer or stay at home moms in the class, rocking their brushwork, so I know there are many of us in this boat.

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