February 1, 2012

First Tooth

Well, well, well, what have we here? Could it be me trying to get back into your good graces through crazy cuteness even though I've been totally neglecting this place? You better believe it.

Look at that tiny gap! Lara lost her first tooth today, and lo, there was much rejoicing, for indeed that thing has been wiggling back and forth nigh on two moons now. "I was eating a fruit snack, and I thought there was a crumb in my mouth, but then it turned out that it was my tooth all along!"

Tonight, before bed, there was a lot of time dedicated to Tooth Fairy lore. Did you know that if you specifically indicate your wishes in a note accompanying your tooth, the Tooth Fairy will not only bring you some moolah, but will even leave your tooth behind as well? Did you know that if you wake up when the Tooth Fairy is visiting, she will immediately vanish into thin air? Turns out losing teeth is a pretty serious business, and you've really got to be to on top of all of that. Check out this letter Lara wrote (with minimal help!):

The purple part is the envelope, which is addressed "Too Tooth Fairy First". The letter reads: "Dear Tooth Tooth Fairy. I lost my first tooth. Please give me a present. Thank you. Love, Lara. P.S. Please leave my tooth." I smell contract law in her future!


Linda said...

We have missed you, but now see that the wait was worth it. Congratulations to Lara.

mwg said...

Congratulations to all! what a milestone! and what a great and happy grin!

Ed Hochhalter said...

Contract Law, LOL. I've experienced what Lara had experienced. It's pretty shocking to know that the lost tooth was mixed with the snack in your mouth. So that's why it was difficult to chew, LOL. Anyhow, Tooth fairies do make a big difference to kids. I should know 'coz my daughter's a believer too.

Institute for Internet Safety said...

You're so cute little Lara. You find joy in losing your first tooth. You didn't cry like the other children. Stay that way little girl :)