February 6, 2012

Woodworking Project #1

There might have a lull in posts on the ol' bloggariffic, but there certainly has been no shortage of doings Chez Forty-Two Roads. To wit: I built (well, I IKEA-hacked) a console-table-cum-shoe-organizing-tool to make our entrance a little less chaotic. I was so excited about it that I took picture without styling the background too much, so voila, the table plus some dry cleaning:

It is basically, two of these IKEA shoe cabinets, assembled and then bolted together, with a long piece of 1"x8" maple from Lowe's glued and bracketed to the top, overhanging the cabinets by about 1.5" on each side. I think most of the credit should probably go to Mother Nature, since the reason this works so well is that maple has a beautiful grain that reads well with a dark stain... on the plane... in Spain...

Why is this post #1, you ask? Why because there is more wood working on the way! I was pretty inspired by this maple situation to have another project pop into my head. It'll probably be a few weeks before it's done, though.


PJ2012 said...

You really should post the pics on Ikea Hacker.
This would be great on there.
Looks good, good job.

Institute for Internet Safety said...

This is such a gorgeous furniture, not the typical one. I even want to own like this for my home, it will fit with the house design. Thanks!

Enlightenment said...

You are so artistic! You are so lucky that God gave you with such an extra ordinary talent. God bless!!!