January 10, 2012

Made by Lara

There's been a lot of creative energy reverberating around the house recently. Not very much of it from me, but the kids are unstoppable makers. I am always amazed at the endless production - and I try not to get frustrated at the fact that it's usually about the process, not the product. When does the shift happen when we start to fixate on the end result?

Here are some recent favorites:

Ceramic school bus. I really want to get a plate hanger and put this up on the wall.

Ceramic pinch pot - love that pattern detail. And, no, we don't have our own kiln - we are lucky enough that Lara has a clay studio in her school.

Drawing of the school's winter concert. All that red? It's the kids all wearing their school t-shirts, looking like heads in a sea of color.

And finally, something we built together - Lego horse and hippo. It was fun to try to figure out doing round 3-D out of the mostly squared off pieces!


mwg said...

all these "end results" look great - it will be great to display them in small art vitriné. i am planning to start one for the kids' art:)

Institute for Internet Safety said...

She just loves art. Proper guidance and training will mold her to be a professional artist someday. Keep it up!