January 2, 2012

Holiday Blitz (2)

Hanukkah in the night was followed by Hanukkah in the day. At this point, the presents-and-clues extravaganza has been replaced by a more sedate Secret Santa, but the one clue we did put together was pretty fun (check it out at the bottom of the post).

One kid was the star of the show...

...but the other one was still way too sick to do much more than sleep.

They did both get cute a couple of cute animal hats!

Lara and Em share a secret.

Jakey stays asleep, battling his fever.

The clue for our present was this:

With a B it crawls
With a T it trawls

With a P it barks
With SM it snarks

With SL it leaves a trail
With TH it goes to jail

With CH it’s for beers
With an H it soothes tears

With DR it’s a cure
With an L it’s a boor

With SN it’s cuddle and
With a J it’s a band

With PL it’s a cork
With an R it’s knot work

With an M it’s for you…
If you can guess this clue!


Hint: the idea is that each of the letters or letter combinations is a prefix for the same suffix.


The answer? It's "mug". We took a couple of Lara's awesome drawings and had them printed in a pattern on some CafePress mugs. They came out awesome!


WYSIWYG said...

Happy New Year! Hope the littlest will feel better soon. Great pics as usual. LOVE the wall of iron utensils. Beautiful apartment you visited and the pinata idea is great!!

Institute for Internet Safety said...

Wow! Those animal hats are awesome! I do have something like that too. Get well soon little angel. Thanks for posting!