May 18, 2011

For the Birthday Boy!

The birthday book making continues unabated! Although we stretched the word book a little bit in this case, I think. Still, it came out fantabulous, if I do say so myself. Presenting two magnetic animal sets:

underwater page

Everything except the boat and seaweed is separate on that one - and you can see the always awesome sight of a killer whale eating a giant squid.

safari page

Here, everything except the river and mountains is separate - keep your eye on that mountain-scaling turtle. I hear those suckers are fast.

safari page (showing magnet back)

This one is just to show that even the scene itself is separate from the board, so in theory we could make even more backdrops in the future.

underwater animalsunderwater background

All the underwater animals we made, and the barebones background.

safari animalssafari background

And now, all the safari animals and their background.

Stay tuned - a tutorial is totally coming up next!