May 23, 2011

And Now We Are Two

A perfect day for our perfect boy - and a wonderful celebration of our family, our life, and our last few weeks in this house. It couldn't have been any better.

Lara picked the party theme: dinosaurs ("Well, Mommy, Jakey likes dinosaurs and I do too, so I think that would be a good theme since it'll make both of us happy.") She was then on tenterhooks for a whole week before the party. I've never seen her so excited in anticipation. We prepared by trying to get Jakey to say "I'm two years old" in response to "How old are you?"... with mixed results.

The dinosaurs delivered - and how. Check out this inflatable red monster - a big hit all around. Except with Jakey who, while not completely terrified of it, still kept a respectful distance. He did wish it good-night before going to bed, so maybe he's not quite sure whether it's actually alive or not.

No worries though - the birthday boy quickly zeroed in on some dinos more his speed. We had a whole pack of smaller inflatables, which were cool enough, but paled in comparison to their giant friend.

Eventually, Lara rounded them all up and constructed some kind of throne for herself!

The cupcakes were topped with teeny tiny plastic dinos, which went over gangbusters as well. Jakey wasn't entirely clear on what the deal was with the fire coming at him, but he did spend the rest of the party singing "Happy Birthday to You" to himself while dancing around.

Family, friends, love, laughter, sun, warmth, and lots and lots of adorable and hilarious kids. Just a completely amazing day.

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Linda said...

It was a near perfect day. Sunshine, happy shrieks and much fun had by all. thanks for including us in the celebration.