May 14, 2011

The Darndest Things

We just realized that now would be a good time for a compendium of the latest kidspeak, lest we forget the hilarity in three months, as we always do.

Some recent gems from Jakey:

- Jakey is banging on a metal railing with a rock for a satisfying clang. Then he drops rock, bangs on the metal with his hand, looks at me and says, "It's not workin'. It's broken."

- On being moved from the Ben Franklin statue to the Button on Penn's campus, Jakey squints up his face and whimpers. Then he smiles and says, "I petendin' cryin', mommy."

- With a briefcase in hand, Jakey wanders out of the room, "Bye-bye I see you 'ater, mommy, I goin' woohk."

- Jakey's various wants and desires: "I waht sunnin ehse" (I want something else - any time offered food is not to his liking); "I needa kahkin" (I need a napkin - any time anything accidentally ends up on his fingers. But if he's the one who stuck them into dirt? No problem, no kahkin required.)

Meanwhile, pretty much on her own, Lara has been really getting into math, surprising us by doing arithmetic in her head:

- During our bank's Sesame Street money video (it's some kind of collaboration. Kind of cute, actually), Lara watches Elmo try to save 5 bucks for a cool ball. When he has two, I ask her how much more he needs. Without blinking an eye, completely matter-of-factly, she goes, "3". Later, when Elmo decides to share some of his savings, she instantly calculates that 4 minus 2 is 2.

- Looking outside on a rainy day, Lara declares, "There are infinity raindrops."

- Inspired by the awesome paleontology song on They Might Be Giant's "Here Comes Science" DVD, Lara has now figured out her future career. "Can we watch the "paleontologist" song again so I know what I want to be when I grow up and remember to get the right job and go to the right school to be a paleontologist?"

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