April 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Twig Bouquet

It's been really awesome to watch Lara go from sort of going along with craft projects to suggesting and executing her own ones. I guess it makes sense - you kind of have to know what the possibilities of materials and tools are before you can figure out ways to use them in some creative fashion. Nevertheless, awesome.

We've been looking at the blooms and buds on the trees a lot around here, mostly because I find this specific sign of spring endlessly delightful and keep pointing it out every time we see a tree. Which is often. I may be somewhat annoying. But on the walk home from school the other day, Lara and I started picking up interesting branches. I was just imagining a stick bouquet, but she came up with the cute idea of making our own blossoms to decorate them! How cute are these flowers? I love that she made different sizes, and also how well she spaced them out, aesthetics-wise. Man, I just love that amazing kid.


WYSIWYG said...

Adorable!! Happy Spring!! You do have an amazing daughter, and she comes by that honestly. :-)

r4ds said...

I like this craft project it looks so cool and amazing.Well i like this creativity.The Tree creation is really very nice.

Sanford FL Golf Communities said...

Every kids have to do this type of creative work it helps in growing there talent and skill. I likes this art it looks so amazing.