April 8, 2011

Short Pants

Toddler mid-calf pants from women's shorts

Short pants because they fall mid-calf on Jakey... and short pants because they were made from a pair of women's shorts! Oh, I am a clever one indeed .

Seriously, though, I always feel like I can never have enough tiny Jakey pants. Even though I'm already planning to cut the ones he's been wearing this winter shorter for spring/summer weather (well, at least the lighter weight ones, or the ones where I can cut out the lining as well), I wanted to make some new ones too.

This was a fairly easy recon. I basically just cut out the middle of the shorts (because I wanted to save the pocket detail), and used the existing hem as the hem. Then I re-cut the middle into little-kid-pant-pattern, just eyeballing it and comparing with a pair of existing pants.


mwg said...

Great job - and you could see how cleverly you kept all the nice details of the "original"

WYSIWYG said...

You should be on some designer reality show/contest!!