April 7, 2011

Tank Girl

So, this is apropos of nothing, but when I was in high school, the movie version of the comic book "Tank Girl" came out. Do you remember it? It apparently bombed big time, and probably killed off Lori Petty's career. But I saw it in the theater and LOVED IT. I had no idea it was based on anything (and really, that wouldn't have helped - I recently checked out the books and... um... it's a slightly different vision, shall we say). I just loved the devil-may-care 'tude, the wackadoo clothes, the raunchy wise-cracks. What can I say? I was a really obedient, good kid, and this was probably just about much vicarious rebellion as I could handle.

Oh, were you expecting a point to this story? Sorry, this one just has a beginning and a middle.

But hey, speaking of tanks, I reconned one a blingy one from my mom for Lara the other day. I don't have a before picture, so just picture a normal, no frills tank - and then feast your eyes on this baby!

green tank top with ruffle and sparkles 2

And here is the girl herself, modeling up a storm:

green tank top with ruffle and sparkles

Love it!