January 25, 2011

These Cold Cold Days

Ok, so I know that 20 degrees is probably a warm spring day for some of you (Hi, Dad!), but we're notorious wimps around here, so we've mostly been hiding out from the freezing weather, despite seizing a brief 40 degree respite to walk out to Jakey's favorite hangout spot.

Staying indoors is a mix of successes and failures as we first make and then immediately break lofty resolutions of no TV and all kid-centered awesomeness.

The former can be seen here in my amazing rhetorical feat of convincing Lara that a knight-king costume could trump her knee-jerk princess go-to getup:

The latter is exhibited here, as we all fell victim to mighty daycare germs of doom and ended up Daddy-pillow-vegging with Sesame Street:


mwg said...

:) hey, what a cute "watch-Elmo trio"

Tigermom said...

Nice snuggles.

Linda said...

You'll look back on this photo and think.."how did they get to be 25?"