January 12, 2011

Snowed In...

... and loving it!

The newest family outdoorsman is Jakey, whose despite it being his debut appearance, is now seeded first on our extremely extremely intramural winter sports team. He is obsessed with the snow and refuses to go back in the house once outside. Even when totally exhausted from running through the thick powder, he just sits down on the ground and starts narrating, "S'ow. S'ow cah. S'ow t'ee. Wok s'ow. Kakey wok s'ow. Daddy wok s'ow. Hi! Hi gohl. Bye-bye gohl. Gohl s'ow."* (Yes, that's right, he already finds time in his busy snow schedule to chat up the college girls in the apartment building next door.)

Lara is in that preschooler-going-on-teenager phase where she's way too cool to express too much overt excitement for something as mundane as snow. But still, when the imagination is rolling, there's no end to the awesomeness. Cars buried under 8 inches? "Snow eggs." And of course, snow is endlessly awesome science. "Water is on the ground. Then it turns into air and goes into the sky. Then it collects into clouds. When the clouds are too heavy they make rain. But if it's too cold then the rain turns into snow and falls down." Also, she's not above a sword fight or two with dear old dad!

* For those who don't speak toddler: "Snow. Snow car. Snow tree. Walk snow. Jakey walk snow. Daddy walk snow. Hi! Hi girl! Bye-bye girl. Girl snow."

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mwg said...

Great winter stories:)