July 15, 2010

Then and Now

Then... Lara at 14 months:

Now... Jakey at almost 14 months:

We call this "upside down baby" - and now, just like his big sister before him, Jakey can do this semi-yogarific pose on demand.

Our happy little guy!


Linda said...

How cute is that! Really is a circle of life, isn't it?

skateBettyT said...

Your children are simply adorable! I love Jake's curls!! I'm an avid reader of your blog, and I also have a little boy named Jake (pretty fresh--4 months old). :) I have to ask, where did you get that shark shirt that he's wearing?? It's too cute!

Anna said...

Hey skateBettyT! Sorry it's taken me this long to reply! I just looked, and that little shirt is from Carter's. I love the shark! Wish I could take credit for it. :)