June 12, 2010

Summer Crisp

It's been amazing living in a house. I've never lived on more than one floor before, so some of it has been getting used to running up and down the stairs for every little thing. But mostly, I've been savoring the luxury of space, and the amazing pleasure of having instant access to the outdoors. What a good call to move in the spring, and so have the whole summer of immediate back yard enjoyment! Reading and writing outside is, of course, beyond wonderful. Eating on the deck is the best. But really, everything is fun, everything is a novelty. Yesterday I mowed the grass with the little mechanical mower - totally great! And so immediately gratifying to see the results.

rhubarb strawberry crisp

Somehow eating dinner outside immediately transforms routine into event. I love it. Yesterday, we celebrated the summer fun with some rhubarb strawberry crisp, which was super scrumptious. Nothing beats fresh-picked strawberries, especially the little odd-looking organic ones that are grown for flavor and not appearance. Mmmmm... just the right amount of sweet and tart together. I used this Martha recipe and swapped out the raspberries. Next time, I might use only half an orange's worth of juice, though.

Jakey liked the crisp well enough...

June 12

... but mostly he is a blueberry fool.

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