June 17, 2010

More Lara Art

You may perhaps be seeing a trend here at forty-two roads. A double trend, in fact, marked by far fewer posts, and less creative content from yours truly. I guess there really are just a finite number of hours in every day, each of those hours goes by rather quickly, and trying to do writing interferes with trying to do crafting. I do hope to get back to a more creative life soon, though, or at least that's what I keep promising myself.

For now, though, here are some more of Lara's drawings. Very happily, her creative side has only been thriving of late.

After a trip to the zoo, she whipped out this fun rhino drawing:

Zoo Rhino

I love how far her writing has been coming along. We're very laid back and only reactive about letters, reading, and writing - I mean, she's only four years old - and so it's been totally amazing to notice that she seems to just be picking it up out of thin air. Now the letters are in a row, one after the other. Now she remembers how to draw most of them from memory. Now she can immediately identify the first sound (and thus letter) of most words, and with some help work out the other sounds in the word. The mind developing is a magical thing.

Also, the people have recently gained bodies, and have thus stopped being four-limbed octopi. Here is a self-portrait:

Lara's self-portrait

I love that she gave herself a belly button under her shirt.


Phyllis said...

Impressive stuff for a four-year old! It will be a joy for you to watch her grow.

ailikate said...

Isn't it amazing how the letters really do seem to come out of thin air? I've been reading some of John Holt and it's made it easier to see the way some of my daughter's processes work. I love that belly button!

mwg said...

I really loved the self-portrait. Doesn't it look fun?
BTW - I am in St.Pete and just discovered that you are widely read (referenced and even plagirized) in Russia - the Russian Google just linked me up with several local blogs mentioning your blog and giving links to it. Cool, isn't it?:)