February 2, 2010

Sweater Refashion

My beloved Sony Vaio has bit the proverbial dust! So I am posting from Misha's laptop, under his byline. It is fitting, actually, since what I am posting is a refashion of one of his sweaters.

Before it was thus (the big one under the little one):

long brown sweater refashion (before)

And now, it has become like so:

long brown sweater refashion (after)

Lo, now I too have a long sweater to wear with skinny jeans and boots like so many others verily have been doing for so long!


ANI said...

it's beautiful - did you use the excess from the sides to make the bottom band?

Misha said...

Thanks, Ani! Yes, I did use the sides to make the bottom band. It actually worked out really well, since the ribbing on the sweater made it easy to cut straight lines. Also, I liked the contrast of the horizontal and vertical ribs.

Tigermom said...

And you look so chic!

slaeng said...

Adorable! I am making a list of hubby castoffs I can do this to as well... I'd love more deets on how you accomplished the neckline and sleeves.