February 19, 2010

Lowes Kids Projects

Have you guys heard about the Build and Grow program at Lowes? Me neither, until this past weekend. Apparently, every other Saturday, kids can come to Lowes at ten in the morning and do a woodworking project of some sort - for free! Having checked it out, I can tell you that it's awesome. Here is what Lara built:

Lowes - Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry organizer was last week's project (next week, I think it's some kind of race car), and she had a great time putting it together. Kids get a kit of the wooden parts all cut out, some nails and a hammer, safety goggles, and a set of instructions - and then they go to it. Lara rocked the hammer, even though it was just her first time using one, and was so super-proud of what she made. Then we went home and painted it.

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Phyllis said...

My boys have been doing it off and on for about a year. Come on over and click on woodworking to see them.