February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Misha!

Yesterday was the birthday of our very own Mr. Forty-two Roads! Birthday fun was had by all and sundry. Some presents were of the bookish variety, and they came wrapped in paper which featured a picture of Lara in a blue skirt and Daddy with a beard:

Birthday Gift Wrap

Another present was of the crafty variety, and involved the whole family:

Birthday Card and Handprint

Lara drew the birthday cake and made the purple hand print and Jakey made the yellow hand print. Mommy stamped letters and assembled (well, and facilitated the whole Jakey-hand-print experience. Turns out it's actually rather challenging to get a baby to unclench his fist after sticking it in a tub of yellow paint!).

But of course, no birthday is complete without cake and candles. To wit:

dessert - birthday cupcakes

As you can see, mid-process Lara quality controlled the chocolate icing. It passed.

Happy birthday, love!


Tigermom said...

I'd say she quantity controlled the icing as well, or at least someone did! Mmmm.

mwg said...

Looks awesome - Happy Birthday Misha!