February 20, 2010

More Art with Lara

Hi all. Mr. 42 here.
First, I was remiss in not posting about my delicious and awesome birthday - I got great art, and great cupcakes - the icing taste-tester did a great job.

Second, though, I have to show off my new favorite art activity with Lara: "I draw on one side, you draw on the other." Lara picks (read: dictates and demands without room for discussion or compromise) a subject and color, and I draw it first. Then she draws it on her side of the paper. It's so fun to see what she does!

We just watched "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" for the first time. So today Lara said we were drawing the mammoth and Sid the Sloth.

I'm sure you all know what mammoths look like; here's Sid:

Here's our Mammoth, and our Sloth:

(Lara made sure we had eyebrows - that was a big omission on my part, at first). Isn't her little sloth the cutest?


mwg said...

Wow - the drawings ARE great, I especially lo-o-oved the sloths:)

langlangcreations said...

You inspired me to draw with my daughter. I included a link to your post from here:

I love your blog. Thanks for sharing such great ideas and inspiring me all the time!