January 12, 2010

Sweeter Sweater

purple sweater with two flowers The art of photographing myself continues to elude me. As shown here. Knowing ahead of time that this photo would leave a lot to be desired, I threw in a small Jakey playing on the floor for your viewing entertainment. And even with his presence, believe me, you don't want to see a bigger version of this photo lest the speckled hideousness of its Photoshop-lightened pigmentation explode the fragile rods and cones within your cornea.

But still - look! A refashioned sweater! Formerly a square, baggy affair - now, a well-fitting top, complete with a couple of improvised flowers made from the excised sides. I also had an identical green one which has since received similar treatment.


Anonymous said...

How did you loose all that baby weight!

mwg said...

...great looking sweater... and Jakey:)