January 11, 2010

Bathtime Fun

I made a bath body scrub out of brown sugar a few days ago, but I wanted to test it out before I posted it here. My verdict? It's freakin awesome.

Brown sugar body scrub

I'm a reasonably new convert to the whole scrub thing, but I clearly have been missing out on some soft skin for many years! Anyway. This is a little elbow-greasy to make, depending on the degree to which your brown sugar is caked together into one rock-hard lump before you start, but it's totally worth it to avoid some drug store chemistry.

Start with some brown sugar. I'm going to say two cups or so, but really it depends on the airtight container you're going to put it into. The main tip on the container is to make sure you can stick your hand inside it, since you'll be scooping this stuff out with your fingers even when there's just a little left on the bottom of the jar.

Put the brown sugar in a mixing bowl, break up the clumps, and find a good carrier oil. I used olive oil because that's just what we have in the house. I'm guessing almond oil would work well also. Start pouring this oil onto the sugar in teeny tiny swigs (maybe 1/4 tsp tops), and after each swig, work the oil into the sugar with a fork. You're going for a loose sand consistency, not a saturated mix. I found it helpful to keep the following image in mind when stirring in my tiny bit of oil: the more oil you add, the more oil at the bottom of your bathtub, the more slippery it'll be, the more you'll have to watch out for falls, and the more cleaning you'll have to do to get it off.

Once you are happy with the consistency, add something good smelling. I went with grapefruit oil and vanilla extract, but that's just because that's what I had sitting around (that combination does smell really good though!). Mix again, and you're done! Go take a shower.

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chrissy said...

grapeseed oil makes a great scrub but it's very slippery in the tub!