August 30, 2009

Linen Skirt

yellow-green linen skirt with embroidery

So, it's confessions time here on forty-two roads. Sometimes I just don't really want to parent my kids. I know, it's shocking, but a three year old and a three month old are sometimes just kind of tiring, and I just want a break from them to do my own thing. Yesterday was one of those times. So I let Sesame Street raise my children for a couple of hours, and I had fun making Lara this swirly skirt with godet inserts. It's made out of my mom's old linen skirt that could never be made to look good on me (probably because I sew without patterns and that doesn't really work with straight skirts intended for adult bodies). I totally love how it came out - and, phew, Lara likes it too. Alas, she's gotten to the age where she - ahem - apparently has her own taste in clothes. And is not shy to tell me that the thing I spent hours making is "not good, Mommy. I just don't like it."

Oh, and if you're curious about what that stuff in the corner is? Here is a zoom-out shot of Floam, the best thing to happen to kids sculpting media. It's made out of little tiny balls that stick only to each other and not to anything else, it doesn't ever dry out, and it doesn't have a weird smell unlike other sculpting toys that shall remain nameless. We encountered this stuff for the first time at the Please Touch Museum and I instantly bought some for home so that I no longer had to be the zero-fun-zone parent constantly saying no to playdough.


cecile said...

That is a cute skirt ! This stuff looks nice... and no, it's not shocking, not to me anyway. I feel the same way about my own three and a half daughter and 18 months son, somedays ! Sesame street, I'll try. Georges works well for us, too.

Rach_Spencer said...

I love your blog... i don't comment much but I always check it. Thanks for the Floam tip. Looks fun. Cute skirt, I love making kid clothes out of used adult cloths. It's just so satisfying.