September 1, 2009

Home Improvements

Yesterday was home improvement day, courtesy of Ikea. They were all things that should have been done a long - LONG - time ago, but for whatever reason I just never quite picked up enough momentum.

I replaced one set of legs for my sewing table with a set of drawers, which makes that section of the bedroom a lot more streamlined:

I hung up all the pots on a rack (can you tell that the only one I've never actually cooked with is the middle one? These racks always look better in magazines, when they use brand new pots and pans!), freeing up valuable cabinet space. I also got a lid organizer, but didn't take a picture of it. Two small changes, but revolutionary:

And finally, I bought more lamps for the cave that is our living room. Fourteen foot ceilings are amazing, and nothing to complain about, but without overhead lighting, the room tends to be quite dark at night. We are pretty limited in the kind of lighting that will work here, since I am not about to hire an electrician to wire things into the wall in a rental, so I ended up with four spot-lights that make a huge difference and are not completely offensive-looking.

I'm kind of inordinately excited about all of this. Ok, back to the dissertation.


Misha said...

Our house is awesomely improved, it's impossible to convey what a difference just those lights alone make... it really was like living in a cave. Plus our ceiling leaks sometimes, adding to the cavern-y atmosphere.

Way to go Miss Forty Two Roads.

Tigermom said...

Inspired addition to the sewing table too.

My stuff is just all over the table which is OK since I sew once or twice a year.

Building Materials Supplies said...

It looks like a good day was spent on home improvement and diy

Well Done!