August 27, 2009

Jakey at 3 Months

Jakey, you are the happiest, calmest, most joyful baby ever! Also, you are our little resident giant, weighing in at 15 pounds (your sister didn't weigh that much until six months) and wearing six month old clothes. In the last few days, you've figured out how to pull things into your mouth, and how to make a variety of chirpy, squealing noises for our amusement. You still cry a little in the car, and when you do, your sister yells for you to be happy. She made up a little song about you, to the tune of something from Sesame Street - "Down down Jakey, he's a little baby! Down down Jakey, he's a small baby guy!" You love when she kisses you and give her your best smiles and cooings. You are my little baby man and I adore you.


Tigermom said...

Wow is he delicious! Love those thighs. 3 month olds make me want to run out and get pregnant. Thank goodness the video ended and Tigerdad is out of town. ;-)

Nice song lyrics from big sister too.

mwg said...

What a performance - good job, Jakey-baby.Good camera work as well :).