April 28, 2009


We recently moved Lara from a crib into a big-girl bed. And when I say moved, what I mean is that we contemplated going to IKEA to get a low twin, decided that the effort to get one, bring it home, and rearrange all the furniture in her room to accommodate it was too tiring to even think about... so we just took one of the sides off of her crib, put it into storage, and I sewed her a little pillow and case. Is three and a half late to make the switch? Well, we were worried about what would happen once she knew she could escape the bed at will. We were anxious that naps would fly out the window, and that rebellion would ensue. After all, we thought, she never really climbed out of the crib, so what's the rush?

Turns out we needn't have worried. It took one day for her to fall in love with her new little bed. She sleeps in it fine. She naps. She escapes only a few times just after bedtime with a smiling mischievous face that I love (I have to hide my giggles in my attempts to be stern).


Linda said...

What a lovely pondering and how eloquently you expressed those remembered days of little ones and snuggles.

Dariela said...

That is so cute!
I was thinking about transferring my son to a toddler bed recently but I thought I would prefer a twin bed cause it will last very long and since we want another baby soon we'll need the crib mattress anyways. reading your story lets me know we can wait a while longer and there is not a problem. Only thing is that he does climb out and I'm always worried. maybe I can just leave him there and take out the side and place a little side bumper instead.

apples for poppy anne said...


Evelyn in Canada said...

With each of our three girls we moved them into "real" beds at different times and it was never a problem. We travelled through Europe with the first when she was 16 months old and the hostels didn't have cribs. Once used to a real bed, we didn't want to backpedal and use the crib again. Plus, child #2 was three months away and we'd need that crib. Child #2 climbed the crib rails too often and Child #1 dangerously dragged her over them too often, so she went into her own bed at around 2 years for her own safety. Child #3 - I don't remember. That's sad.