April 23, 2009

New Baby Zone!

Whoo-hoo! Today I finished putting together a little nook for the new baby in our bedroom.

New Baby Zone 1

So many things in the picture are handmande:

- the crib is a Lara-beaten portable crib that I repainted that cheery green color
- I sewed the crib sheets myself from super-soft jersey (far softer than whatever I could find premade)
- I sewed the changing table pad covers myself also - the pad is from IKEA and is an odd size that just fits on the little bookshelf, but is too small for standard covers
- the changing table and its handmade fabric-covered boxes you may recognize from this post
- I reoiled all the hinges on the all rooms in the bedroom (which you obviously can't see in a picture, but it took a long time and so I get to mention it as yet another thing I hand-did!)

New Baby Zone 2

A closeup of the artwork hanging above the crib. I like how the artwork is an inch or so out from the wall and thus functions as a kind of mobile. I used two willow branches and some recycled ribbons to hang up artwork that is mostly from Etsy. The collage all the way on the right is made by me, however. Yay! This little corner makes me happy.